Heirloom, a standout in the vibrant Milwaukee jazz scene, comprises guitarist-composer Ben Dameron and drummer Hannah Johnson. Dameron, transitioning from classical to electric jazz guitar, brings authority and skill honed from his classical background. Johnson, recognized for leading her own jazz group, impresses with her effortless mastery of modern jazz swing, showcasing versatility and a captivating rhythmic prowess.

Their collaboration as Heirloom reflects a fusion of distinctive talents, each contributing to a cohesive and dynamic sound greater than the sum of its parts. Their name aptly captures their dedication to preserving and evolving the jazz tradition, akin to nurturing a valuable object with skill and vision.

Their performances exude a deep understanding and appreciation of jazz, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation. Witnessing their chemistry, particularly evident in their propulsive style and stimulating improvisation, leaves audiences captivated and inspired. Whether interpreting Thelonious Monk tunes or presenting original compositions, Heirloom delivers engaging and beautiful music that resonates with listeners.

The band’s rise in prominence reflects their ability to captivate audiences and garner acclaim within the local jazz community. With Dameron’s electric guitar expertise and Johnson’s exceptional drumming skills, Heirloom stands out as a beacon of excellence in modern jazz.

In essence, Heirloom represents the culmination of two remarkable talents converging to create music that is both rooted in tradition and forward-thinking. Their performances, marked by skillful musicianship and creative energy, demonstrate their commitment to keeping the jazz tradition alive while pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons.